Kahlyn Day Centre
Part of Ramsay Health Care

About Kahlyn Day Centre

There has been a shift in emphasis on how mental health services should be best delivered. Whilst recognising the need for inpatient treatment for the more servere and acute presentations, alternatives to this type of care, including outpatient programs and community services can offer a more appropriate treatment setting.

To meet this challenge of delivering mental health care treatment options, Kahlyn Private Hospital has evolved to become Kahlyn Day Centre and offers the following serivces;

  • Assessment and treatment of patients with Drug and Alcohol problems
  • A Clozaril™ Clinic and
  • Innovative Day programs, tailored to meet the needs of the individual

The Day Patient Program provides day therapy to assist patients in gaining further insight into themselves and their problems. We offer a selection of groups and individual sessions designed to meet the needs of the individual.

The main objective of the Day Program is to provide a supportive environment created by professional staff dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the independent functioning of each patient. The aim of the Day Program is to

  • Reduce or eliminate the frequency of inpatient hospitalization
  • Develop self recognition of symptoms and a management plan and
  • Promote awareness and teach skills, which allow patients to take responsibility and control their own lives.
  • Assist recently discharged patients who may still require support. The outpatient program can also be utilised for the treatment of patients for whom an inpatient program may not be suitable.
  • Attendance at the Day Unit program can be full day, half day or on a sessional basis. In addition to our specialist group treatment programs, the Day Unit provides individually tailored therapy programs, developed in consultation with the patient’s Psychiatrist.