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Setting the standard for mental health


Setting the standard for mental health

Jan 06, 2020

With almost one in two Australians suffering from a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, the need for comprehensive and effective treatment options is growing.

Ramsay Health Care is taking a contemporary approach to mental health care, treatments and services by developing a comprehensive suite of standardised treatment programs that draw on best practice and which can be consistently delivered across its 23 Australian mental health facilities.

MyRecovery and MyStaywell are patient-centred psychology programs and interventions that have been developed using the latest international research, current best practice and industry guidelines to effectively meet the needs of Ramsay patients.

The two programs have now been rolled out after extensive assessment and development, including internal and external review by leading Australian and international experts and a pilot phase where patients and clinicians provided feedback.

The MyStaywell program is a discharge planning tool, made available to patients while in care and after discharge, and is provided as both a workbook and a mobile app.

The app allows patients to access their individualised support materials when needed and can be particularly helpful when a patient is experiencing a crisis event, such as a panic attack. Patients can even use the app to contact their support person/network quickly and easily should they require assistance.

National Mental Health Program Director, Dominique Robert-Hendren, has been leading the development of the new programs and is delighted they have been met with great enthusiasm by both patients and staff.

“It has been great to receive some really positive feedback from both clinicians and patients about the programs and the accompanying patient and facilitator manuals and workbooks; and that these resources, in conjunction with the app, have been a valuable tool for our patients during their recovery,” Ms Robert-Hendren said.

In the coming months the current MyRecovery and MyStaywell programs will be supplemented with further content that will build on the program for both day patients and in-patients, and cover other common mental health disorders within the community, including:

  • Eating disorders
  • Drug and alcohol use and
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Taking a standardised approach to mental health programs delivers great benefits for Ramsay’s patients and clinicians. It enables regular review of the program content to align with latest research and best practice and allows for better measurement of patient outcomes to ensure we are providing the most beneficial treatment possible.

“With the recent release of the Productivity Commissions draft mental health report, which emphasises the efficacy and need for more specialised psychological interventions for people with moderate, high and complex intensity mental health care, it is great to know Ramsay is providing the innovative and evidence-informed services this critical area of health requires,” Ms Robert-Hendren said.